Lat: 53 34.70′ S
Long: 79 18.10′ W
Inst Speed: 24.9
Wind Dir: 358
Wind Speed: 23.6000
Distance last 24hr: 385.11
Distance to finish: 9322.66
Meal time for Mohsin
Theirry would often read before sleeping (whilst sleeping)
One eye alway on the boat

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: screaming south east
Date: 16/02/2009 04:58:08

We are screaming along heading South East bows pointing directly at the
southern tip of South America, now just 440nm away…We are sailing in a
building breeze that wiill give us our last push of the Pacific and to our
meeting with Cape Horn. Most of the last 24hours we’ve once again been
blessed with fantastic conditions, warm on deck, full main and gennaker, and
a chance to talk over the trip so far. Major milestones cause endless
reviews of progress todate and anticipated future progress, enevitably
ending up with the multimillion dollar question, if we make it all the way
back to Muscat ( and we’ve all be touching wood a fair bit today ) when is
it possible to arrive? Well the best we can do at the moment is set some
kind of impossible goal, and reach for it, knowing not much is within our
control! So our impossible dream is to arrive back during the day time of
the England Vs France 6 nations clash……Mathmatically possible, however
unlikely. Sorry for getting ahead of ourselves all the time – but it’s a
real reflection on what happens at these points on the trip, and we are
still not there yet.

At the current speed and true to form we’ll be rounding cape horn in the
dark. However the two different weather models can’t quite agree on exactly
what weather we’ll see in the next 24 hours so it’s hard to know if we’ll be
quite this quick ( and we are screaming along) I guess if I had to bet, it’d
be that we are going to get somewhere very close by dawn tuesday locally,
that might be a few miles before or a few miles afterwards – we’ll just have
to see, bur one model indicates our final push reaching gusts to 50 kts of
wind, whilst the other quite a bit less.

Right now on deck it’s chilly, 8 degrees, dark, and every 5 mins of so a
wave over the bow, and blasting into the guys on deck, with sea tempreture
down at 8.6 degrees where it’s be hovering for last 48 hours it’s the
southern ocean for sure. down below at the chart table writing this the
occassional pause for a rub of the hands before continuing typing. The
generator is a noisy heater, but it does raise cabin temperature nicely, and
if timed properly can make the transition between sailing gear and sleeping
bag very pleasureable.

Clothing is the other massive conversation piece – it’s a huge topic
generally, and you’d have thought that any chat about what to wear when we
have a very limited selection of clothes for our entire trip would be a
short chat – but it’s quite the reverse. When ever Hooch arrives on deck
( mood dictated by techniques used to wake him up) he announces what
clothing combination he has on. “White, Blue, Grey,Warm Grey on the top,
Warm White Blue Warm Grey on the bottom” is something like how it goes
followed by ” i’m giving the warm gloves ago now, see if i can keep them on
the whole watch, no need to take ’em off for sail changes” after gloves,
it’s head gear, ” Buff,Balaclava,and grey ” of course we onow what all
these colour codings are, and have a similar response to him ” White, Blue,
Warm Blue” is a typical response…’s like a ritual greeting.

I’ll leave todays update like a child writing on Christmas eve, not wishing
the next day to arrive too soon for fear of it being over too quickly, but
all the same aching for it to arrive. I hadn’t realised just how much I was
looking forward to arriving at the Horn, but you can probably tell, we all
are, very much.

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
Subject: weather
Date: 16/02/2009 13:08:46

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 54 27s/ 75 41w at 1200utc Mon Feb 16, 2009

Prepared: 1300utc Mon, Feb 16, 2009


1) Weak ridge of high pressure off to the SE is ridging back to the NW and
is slower to move out

2) Looks like weather systems, in general, somewhat slower, with stronger
wind having stayed W and NW of you

3) With the high being slow, you will have to cross the ridge

a) therefore, the N flow will clock and become NE and then more ENE
briefly E

4) Wind speeds likely to get quite light as you cross the ridge and may get
a couple hours of light and variable winds

a) the E flow will shift to the SE then S and SW as you cross the ridge
axis ñ but, again, flow may be quite shifty as you get on east side of the

5) Low pressure between southern Argentina and the Falklands will move SE
and intensify during the next 24 hours

6) This will bring flow more to the WNW on Tuesday

7) Wind speeds increase later tonight and Tuesday

8) Will have some fairly strong WNW winds Tues aftn/evening

9) By Wed, next front will be just to the east of Argentina

a) should maintain WNW flow

b) wind speeds 20-25 kts 1st Ω of the day, but wind will diminish

10) Zone of light air later Wed night/Thurs between 50-55s

a) wind speeds will come down to 7-14 kts ñ direction likely WNW then
maybe backing for a time to WSW

b) weak front will be passing the Falklands on Thurs, but winds light
ahead of it, so may be light with some slow going on Thursday

c) do expect some light conditions probably sometime during the period
from Wed night thru Fri morning, but not sure of timing ñ probably during

11) Increasing wind Fri night and Sat and likely from the NW

RoutingÖ current position to ESE of Cape Horn then coming NE towards 53
30s/56w then to 50s/45w ñ will then shoot to keep you north of 48s/35w

Some estimated positions below

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Mon, Feb 16

18: 050-070/13-18

WeatherÖCloudy with showers

Seas 8-10 ft

Tue, Feb 17

00: 050-070/ 8-14

Wind may become quite light and shifty between 00-06utc

06: 260-280/ 8-15

12: 270-290/18-25 ESE of Cape Horn

18: 290-310/25-35

WeatherÖConsiderable clouds with a shower

Seas 6-9 ft ñ a W to SW swell

Wed, Feb 18

00: 290-310/20-30

06: 280-300/20-25

12: 280-300/20-25 nr 53 30s/56w

18: 290-310/15-20

WeatherÖMostly cloudy

Seas building to 10-14 ft ñ a W to WNW swell

Thu, Feb 19

00: 260-280/ 8-14

06: 260-280/ 8-13
12: 250-280/ 7-12 nr 51s/47w

18: 290-310/ 8-14

WeatherÖVariable clouds

Seas 9-13 ft – W swell ñ seas diminishing

Fri, Feb 20

00: 300-320/10-15

06: 310-330/15-20

12: 300-320/15-22 nr 48s/39w

18: 310-330/15-20

WeatherÖCloudy to partly cloudy

Seas 7-9 ft with a W swell

Sat, Feb 21

00: 310-330/15-20

12: 310-330/22-32 nr 45 30s/29 50w

WeatherÖCloudy to partly cloudy

Seas 8-10 ft ñ a W swell

Best regards, George Caras

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: