Lat: 42 12.50′ S
Long: 19 02.48′ E
Inst Speed: 19.8
Wind Dir: 280
Wind Speed: 20.7
Distance last 24hr: 431.89
Distance to finish: 5182.67
Our routing – not out of the south yet
Good Hope Minstral treat
The drying room!

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: Saturday morning
Date: 28/02/2009 04:36:59

It’s 330am, it’s just starting to come light – sunrise is at 04:30 but the
sky is already lightening up, the last 24hours has seen some of the best
sailing of the trip so far, our average SOG for last 24hrs has been 18.26,
but we have slowed considerably the last 12 hours, so we did have some good
spells where hour after hour that average was well into the 20 kts. The
sunrise was spectacular too. For the first time on this trip there was a
much more organised swell, and we surfed away happily doing up to 30 kts at
times, just pilling on the miles, switching between full mainsail and Reef
1 as the wind moved between 22 and 27 kts. Our heading was nearly perfect
too – we would have prefered to be a little more S but it was great just to
see the speeds we were achieving, it’s important to be fast to the East
rather than be a few miles north or south right now. Sea tempretures have
fluctuated enormously, sometimes 12, sometimes 16 degrees C, this is to do
with a swirling current further inshore which smaller swirls come from,
mixing warm water from the N indian ocean with the cold waters of the

It is important to be fast because we are being hounded by a light airs
zone that is moving quickly from W to E behind us.. This area of High
Pressure is likely to finally catch us on Sunday when we’ll have to wriggle
through it’s clutches and end up sailing NE – this will be our exit lane to
the north, and we’ll slowly start an assent into the indian ocean. Crossing
40S on the way north somewhere around 55E, by this time the zone of light
airs has moved of and left behind it some N winds so we’ll be upwind for a
few days, until we reach some SE trade winds – allowing us to head N and
directly towards Muscat. ( will be 3800miles ahead of us by that time). That
of course is the theory and is the result of quite a few hours head
scratching and trying something like 30 different computer simulations…the
practical applicaton of it could be very different, but the last 24hrs speed
have given us a great chance of pulling it off. What happens if the HP
catches us earlier? – well for one thing Thierry will get to practice
fishing again, and we’ll just be upwind for longer, likely adding 24/48
hours to our trip……IF and it’s an unlikely IF, the HP slows down and we
manage to keep ahead of it for longer, we’ll be upwind for less time and
that will put a few smiles on faces as we reach the SE trade winds more

A little while ago we passed south of Cape of Good Hope, the 3rd and final
of our great cape caper. As usual we passed well to the south 470 miles to
the south, and in darkness with 3/5 crew asleep….. so no major celebration
or ceremony, just keep pushing on…. The Cape is the most famous of land
marks, however the southern most point is Cape Agulhas, some 70nm further E.
so whilst we have passed the 3rd great cape, we have passed many more capes
on the trip, just not so many have become engrosed into popular culture in
the way of HOPE and HORN

But until we pass the southern most point we are still in the atlantic – the
indian ocean is just 40 nm ahead…. For 4 of us it’ll be leaving our ‘home’
ocean but importantly for Mohsin it represents getting back into his part of
the world ( despite being at 42S) He can look North and know that home is
not so far way. ( a straw poll onboard suggests between 15 and 20 days
away…. we’ll have to see how good that prediction looks after we have
hooked into the SE trade winds)

We have started to use up food bags stored in the back of the boat, bag 51
opened today – a real sign that we are pushing through to the end…. we
have been using bags stored under the generator up until now, but the boys
( Hooch/Mohsin) of the aft cabin ( nicknamed the Al Bustan) will be happy
of the extra room it gives them.

a couple of people emailed asking if we are listenting to any music, and
whilst we do listen to the iPod occassionally, it’s hard to do in rough
conditions as you can’t hear if there is a flap on deck, so it’s saved for
more quiet times. I have included a selection of the songs that seem to
keep coming up despite having over 3000 to choose from. I’ll conduct a bit
of a survey next 24hours to see what other people are listeneing too.

Don’t read too much into this list, other than a poor taste in music…..
they are just songs!!!
and in no specific order

Guillemots – Trains to Brazil
Killers – Human
Green day – good ridence
Gabriella Cilimi – Sweet about me, Echo beach
Embrace – Ashes,A glorious day
Depeche Mode – everything counts
The Beloved – I love you more, hello
The ailerons – dig a hole
The Holloways – generator
Kings of Leon – Knocked up
Oasis – Champagne Supernova
Roxy music – Oh Yeah
Sugarbabes – Girls
Violet Femmes – Blister in the sun
Buffalo Springfield – Stop, Hey, what’s that sound

attached is our current ‘work’ the maxsea routing chart to bring us E then N
Maxseathoughts.JPG – our current worksheet on maxsea

blue route is european model route
green route is GFS route
blue line with triangles is an indication of current circulation
red crosses with dd/mm next to them are 80 day pace boat locations
yellow circle with dots are old commanders routing ponts ( should a proposed
northern route)
blue circle with hhddddd next to them are current commaders est positions
short green line commaders routing suggested point
hatched area estimated posn of H sunday 00z
purple vertial line cape good hope
blue vertical line cape agulhas
red horizontal line approx path of H sunday – tuesday 00z
black horizontal line vendee ice gate
two blue vertical lines to E approximate ‘gate’ for turning north

Second email from the boat: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: good hope
Date: 28/02/2009 03:45:28

passed by south at 03:03:00 on 28/2/09
approx 460nm S

passed by in the darkness, and with out celebration 3/5 asleep, bit chilly
will do some video comments when it comes light…….

cape agulhas the southern most point ( and much less famous, but chosen by
world speed sailing record council) in about 50nm ahead

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Musandam
Subject: weather
Date: 28/02/2009 13:24:06

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 42 32s/22 01e at 1200utc Sat Feb 28

Prepared: 1300utc Saturday, February 28, 2009


1) Great speed the last 24 hours!

2) We have high pressure around 42s/12e that will be coming quickly east

3) We want to make sure we stay S of the high

4) Still a good W flow, generally 20-25 kts

a) expect the flow to back some over the next 6-10 hours and become more

b) wind speeds will also be coming down as the high comes closer

5) By 1200utc Sun, the high will be near 42s/32e

6) Winds will become quite light around/after 06utc Sun and very light 12utc
Sun thru 00utc Mon

a) the high will be not too far to the N of you during that time and
continuing to move ENE, but probably at a slower speed

7) Flow will clock as the high shifts further to the E

8) Winds will also increase and be NW to N and perhaps NNE as we get thru

a) will have to see how far right wind gets, right now probably 360-020
range about as far right as it will go

9) Wind will tend to be more right the further to the N, more left to the S
as we get to Mon-Tues

10) Not sure we can make the 40s/55-60e, but may have to shoot closer to
40s/60-65e as high pressure builds off to the ENE of you towards mid week

a) this may keep a fair amount of N in the wind and more NNE the further

b) front will remain well to the west and be slow to come east due to the
high pressure

11) Will see as we get closer how quickly/slowly the systems move


towards 43 30-44s/32 to near 43s/40e then towards 40s/60-65e

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Sat, Feb 28

18: 250-220/17-24 ñ wind backing

WeatherÖVariable clouds with a chance of a shower or 2.

WSW seas of 10-14 ft

Sun, Mar 1

00: 220-240/18-12

06: 230-250/ 8-14

12: 250-270/ 7-13, near 43 50S/31 50E

High pressure just off to the N of you

18: 300-320/ 6-11

WeatherÖPartly cloudy.

WSW seas coming down to 5-7 ft.

May also get a NE swell developing overnight

Mon, Mar 2

00: 330-360/10-15

06: 350-010/12-17

12: 350-010/13-18, near 42 50S/40E

18: 350-020/15-20

WeatherÖPartly cloudy.

Could have both a WSW swell and a N swell ñ seas 5-8 feet

Tue, Mar 3

00: 350-010/16-22

06: 340-360/16-22

12: 340-360/17-23, near 42 15S/49E

18: 340-360/20-25

WeatherÖPartly to mostly cloudy with a NNW swell of 8-12 feet

Wed, Mar 4

00: 330-350/20-25

06: 330-350/20-25

12: 330-350/17-22, near 41S/58E

18: 340-360/15-20

WeatherÖPartly to mostly cloudy.

Seas of 6-10 ft with a NW swell

Thurs, Mar 5

00: 330-350/15-20

12: 340-360/14-19, near 40S/66E

WeatherÖPartly cloudy

Seas 6-10 ft

Best regards, George Caras

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: