Lat: 4 41.78′ N
Long: 62 41.54′ E
Inst Speed: 1.89
Wind Dir: 59
Wind Speed: 11.6
Distance last 24hr: 168.4
Distance to finish: 1158

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 03:40:07 -0000
To: update
Subject: Thursday Morning

Distance to go — 1158nm

Full on night again in rain clouds brings squalls of up to 30kts of wind,
and sudden wind direction changes of 60 degrees. After a great day sailing
yesterday making good progress, the building clouds and occasional
lightening around dusk were the advance warning signs of a long night ahead.
Sure enough as the first dark cloud came over head the wind shifted and
increased suddenly – we rode it out – keeping the boat headed as high upwind
as we could without stopping, before the cloud had gone. Wind speed was
around 19 kts really too much for a genoa we are nurseing northwards with a
damaged leach ( aft side of the triangular sail). Next cloud – furl early,
same again feather the boat upwind, there after we set the smaller solent
jib that allows us to deal with higher wind speeds. Then around 2330 GMT,
two and a half hours before sunrise we could see by the light of the moon an
enourmous cloud, furl solent, put reef in….. then wind dropped to 4 kts.
We were left there without wind, the boat slamming between her two outside
float hulls, and the mainsail and mast crashing back and forth. after a
while ( seems like a lifetime ) we set the genoa, only just as we are about
to unfurl it, the wind cranks back in, and we are back to the solent jib.
Though the clouds are getting fewer now ,there are still a few on the
horizon, and just a few mins ago – the guys on deck recieved another shower
( see pic )

Quite typically, in the middle of these squalls Mohsin has a call arranged
with Oman TV, we make it happen – just between rain squallys, and I hope
the TV station didn’t notice any extra noise on the call – we had winches
winding for a while, and the ‘popping’ of the deck as the sheets are
hardened in, sailing the boat must continue even when on live TV –
especially in these conditions.

Had a good chance to wash in all this rain, which has been nice, and since i
promised new shorts, and t-shirt at the equator, it was nice to climb into
some fresh clothes after a good wash, this doesn’t leave me with too many
spares as we go into the final few days, so going to be carefull around the
rain, and any spray that comes onboard.

We can see on the satellite pictures that we are getting onboard that there
are a few more miles of these clouds to go, but once past 7 north things
seem to be a little more settled. The same satellite picture is the first
to have some Oman land on it – right at the top for now – but we’ll look
forward so seeing that expand as we gain distance to the north.

The days seem to be going quickly at the moment – a good sign, I think by
the end of sunday we’ll be thinking that every second is taking an hour, but
for now the fast ticking clock is with us, and there is some motivation on
board to ensure we have completed everything on our Round the World
experience list that we can before arriving. you don’t often get the
chance to sail around the world so you have got to fit everything in!!! I
am not sure what exactly is left, but I don’t want to wake up a few weeks
from now, and think – hey, i went all the way around the world and didn’t do

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Musandam
Subject: Weather 3/19/09
Date: 19/03/2009 12:43:33

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 05 39n/62 41e at 1130utc Thu, Mar 19

Prepared: 1130utc Thursday, March 19, 2009


1) Satellite pic shows a few very small shower/squall cells near and just N
of 5N between 58-64E

a) this activity is not moving, so you should be in sunshine very
shortly, if not already

2) High pressure cell is near 17-18N/61-62E at 1200UTC today

a) it does move SW, right over us, near 15N/59-60E and then shifts to the

b) we could try to go E of the high, but I think that will prolong the
agony of the light winds and always be in a header, trying to get N

c) still like aiming for 14-16N/59-60E and then going W of the high since
it looks like only 12-18 hrs of very slow conditions. Routing further E, it
could be much longer!

3) Should be at max left wind directions right now with some veering the
next 12 hrs, but

a) will be another header later tonight, but you guys have done a great
job conserving your easting, so should not be a problem

4) Should have some pretty good winds thru Fri daytime, but the winds will
become lighter

Fri night/Sat

a) going W of the high should cause the winds to veer, while going E of
the high will cause the winds to back

b) should have lighter E and SE winds Sat night/Sun, so still on
starboard until winds are 160-170 and then over to port

c) want to get near the Oman coast asap, so to play the PM sea breezes,
which can be quite strong

5) There will be a cold front moving SE across the southern Saudi Arabia on

a) will be very important to get to Muscat before the big NW winds
arrive, which will be later Wed or Thu

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Thu, Mar 19

18: 050-070/ 9-13

Partly cloudy, maybe a brief shower/squall, but clearing N of 6N. Small NE-E
seas thru 15N then a developing SW swell N of 15N

Fri, Mar 20

00: 050-070/10-15

06: 040-060/12-16

12: 050-070/11-15, nr 8 45n/61 10e

18: 055-075/10-14

Sat, Mar 21

00: 050-070/13-7

06: 050-070/ 7-11

12: 060-080/ 7-11, nr 12n/60 30e ñ less wind just to the E

18: 070-100/10-5

Sun, Mar 22

00: 080-120<5

06: 100-140<5

12: 130-170/ 3-6, near 14 20n/59 50e, less wind speed E

18: 140-170/ 6-10

Mon, Mar 23

00: 170-190/ 6-10

06: 170-190/ 6-10

12: 170-190/ 7-11, near 17N/59 20E and on port gybe heading for the Oman

18: 170-190/10-15

Tue, Mar 24

00: 180-200/10-15

12: 180-200/12-17, near 20N/59 20E

Mostly sunny with S and SW seas of 4-7 feet

Best regards, Ken Campbell

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: