Lat: 51 00.68′ S
Long: 89 56.61′ W
Inst Speed: 19.7
Wind Dir: 197
Wind Speed: 19.5000
Distance last 24hr: 281.07
Distance to finish: 9740.5
The south is a wonderful place when it’s going well for you
Me and Mohsin – a good crewmate
team shot at 52′ South

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: yikes it’s cold!
Date: 15/02/2009 02:47:49

Yipee we can get into our cold weather kit! It’s cold for the first
ime – Sea temp at 8 degrees, air temp about the same…. see your breath
in the cabin – it’s properly cold – and so it should be, we are at 51
degrees south and sailing in a wind from SW blowing from the ice continent.
In reality it’s nice on deck as it’s just gone dusk here, and there is no
spray over the decks – just 22kts of raw boat speed skimming along down some
small swells -lovely, a slight change in any of these variables will mean
water over the deck, and it’ll be harshly cold.. right now you can put an
extra layer on, pull out your best hat and favourite gloves and enjoy the
We are making good progress towards the horn, and expect conditions to be
reasonable all the way there, most likely we’ll see some gale force winds
before we arrive at the horn, but we’ll be down wind and are fairly used to
winds in the 30-40 kt range now. Bets are off for the horn rounding time,
will it be in daylight, it’s hard to know, we’lll know better in 24 hours
time, but of all the places I want to see in the daylight this is one, so i
sincerly hope it’s light, in good conditions, and good visability…..too
much to ask for, perhaps but there’s no harm in wishing.

I’ve been involved in a few round the world adventures before, always from
the shore side, and Cape Horn rounding is always seen as a major milestone,
and it surely is, however usually 24-48hours after the euphoria of rounding
the horn the reality of the south american coast and the long haul north on
the traditional course takes over. We mustn’t get too excited yet – we
still have a long way to go, the Horn is a milestone and an important one,
but we have to keep our emotions in check for another 10 days of southern
seas sailing across to South Africa, it’ll be getting warmer for certain but
it can be a harsh ocean too so we’ll be ready for the post Horn blues…..

We sailed much of the day today in lovelty conditions dry, mostly sunny,
full mainsail gennaker, and everyone’s mood improved, we got some tasks
done that have been waiting a while ( sorting unused food, a little computer
work, some general tidying up etc.) and so we are ready for the next part of
the adventure.

Hooch and I have been preparing for the Wales Vs England game, working out
how we can help from this distance.. it’s not easy but we’ll be wishing the
visitor to Cardiff on from the depths of the southern ocean, we haven’t
checked the weather but there’s a fair chance it could be warmer here than
in south wales!!! wrap up warm rugby fans, or watch it on the telly, with
some hot buttered crumpets and strawberry jam!

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