Lat: 3 40.99′ S
Long: 61 46.67′ E
Inst Speed: 3.9
Wind Dir: 175
Wind Speed: 3.4
Distance last 24hr: 101.9
Distance to finish: 1684.94
not much wind = not much boat speed
a sign of life in the distance
sky and sea almost merging

Email from the boat to shore: 

As you can see from today’s subject – it’s the same as yesterday. We have
had a small dscussion on deck about what to put into day’s update, and have
come up with nothing. So after 65 updates, number 66 will be cancelled, No?
ok well we’ll give it a go.

It’s not so much writers block, and a lack of anything to report on that is
different to other recent days. But here goes – as you can see from our
progress the conditions are still very light – for the last four hours we
have had an average windspeed of 4kts. normally you’d have to add in
some -ve values to get averages this low – our 24 hr average is not much
better at 5.1kts
Everyone is much more tired than normal, for sure the heat is debilitating,
and dramatically reduces your appertite, so natural energy levels are low
through not eating enough, and no adrenerlin to keep alert and sharp. Not
having access to a cool AC unit, cold drinks isn’t easy to live with –
especially as 550nm away to the west of us, guests of luxuary Seychelles
resorts will be watching the sun rise now, and wondernig which pool to swim
in, and which of over 150 breakfast options will they eat.

The sun has been up for an hour and it’s already important to wear a hat and
sunnies and sun hat – the bigger the brim the move valuble the sunhat.
Below decks the fans are working over time, moving warm air from one place
to another. a brief respite from the sun is finding a nice shady spot on
deck and settling doewn fo a 20 mins kip, woken only by the wound of the
winches, or by the clanging of the big gennaek on the mast.We did some video
with Mohsin yesterday ( i’ll send it later), but to be fair there has been
little to film, and some of what might be interesting has need me as a
grinder so hard to grind and film at the same time.

So after pourng over tehe keyord for a while now, i’ll end this update here,
an d perhaps we’ll be more to write about…

Still heading N when we can.

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Charles Darbyshire , updateoman ,Musandam
Subject: weather Sun 3-15
Date: 15/03/2009 11:19:23

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 3 27s/61 52e at 0930utc Sun, Mar 15

Prepared: 1100utc Sunday, March 15, 2009

SummaryÖContinues to look slow going but somewhat better north of the
Equator. Confidence on wind

directions south of the Equator is below avg.

1) Last report from you at 10 utc showed light W wind at 3 kts.

2) Model guidance suggests this wind may clock to NW-N next 24 hours but
remain light as you slowly

edge northward.

a) Confidence on wind direction when this light is below

b) Could be a brief isolated shower disrupting any
general wind as well.

3) Do the best you can to get north and heading NE for a time is ok if

4) When winds become NE-ENE north of the Equator you can get back to the W
as far as necessary.

5) As you get near and north of the Equator look for breeze to become NNE-NE
and come up to 6-10


6) Could see breeze 9-14 kts from ENE as you get to 3n.

7) But in general the trade wind regime is weak so do not expect more than

8) In fact late week speeds may diminish a few kts as you approach high
pressure which will be near

15n/ 62-63w on Friday.

9) Will want to be W of this high to get the clocking wind from E to S then

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Sun, Mar 15

18: 270-320/ <5

WeatherÖPatchy cloudiness with a brief widely scattered shower or 2 possible
up to the Equator

Then fair weather north of the Equator

Mon, Mar 16

00: 300-320/ <5

06: 320-340/ 3-6

12: 320-340/ 4-8, nr 1s/62e

18: 020-040/ 4-8

Tues, Mar 17

00: 030-050/ 6-9

06: 040-060/ 8-12

12: 050-070/ 6-10, nr 1 20n/61e

18: 060-080/ 6-10

Wed, Mar 18

00: 060-080/ 6-10

06: 060-080/ 8-12

12: 060-080/ 9-13, nr 5n/60e

18: 060-080/10-14

Thu, Mar 19

00: 060-080/ 9-13

06: 060-080/ 10-14

12: 070-090/ 8-12, nr 9n/59e

18: 070-090/ 9-13

Fri, Mar 20

00: 070-090/ 6-10

12: 070-090/ 6-10 nr 12n/ 58- 59e

Slight southerly swell up to 4 ft next few days

Best regards, Tom Mattus

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: