Lat: 1 57.84′ N
Long: 62 28.50′ E
Inst Speed: 8.0
Wind Dir: 105
Wind Speed: 7.3
Distance last 24hr: 169.26
Distance to finish: 1350.59

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 04:20:02 -0000
To: update
Subject: Wednesday 18th – Day 69

Distance to go — 1345nm
We are almost at 2 degrees north now, and the weather has settled in to what
we expected – this is a relief. After all those hours of less than 6kts of
wind going up wind in even 7 – 10 kts of wind feels great – there is a
cooling breeze and our boatspeed is 10 or 11 kts. Of course being at 2N
means we had an equator crossing yesterday. Another big sigh of relief. It
really means we were nearly back to Oman, we know how quickly after the
start the south bound crosssing came, so it’s natural to feel so close to
returning. The weather is more predictable now we are above the doldrums,
and we can focus on the challenges this last week will bring. Initially it
looks like reasonable upwind conditions, where we will make some miles to
the east, as later in the week we will be headed in winds with more north
in them. We want to keep our easting as it makes it easier to position our
selves for a high pressure system that is sitting just south of oman. It’s
predicted movements change with each forecast so our approach needs to be
flexible. It looks like a sling shot around that high pressure in a
clockwise rotation and into some fairly strong SW winds along the SE Oman
coast – so we could be in for a fast finish which would be great it’s quite
a long time since Mobi streched her legs, and to do it one last time on this
trip would be great.

There are some clouds on the horizon now, that I hope we can avoid – getting
into wet weather gear in this heat isn’t great, but a rain shower might be
nice to cool down. so long as the wind behaves, and allows us to keep
heading N we’ll be fine with what ever we are sent.

We are in the middle of the indian ocean, the sea is an awesome crystal
clear blue colour, and very flat – it’s lovely, ( apart from those clouds
on the horizon!! )

The equator crossing meant a gift to neptune, he got a couple of books and
some spending money, i hope he can read, and enjoys the books.We would
certainly like good fortune for this final stretch. I asked Mohsin how
happy he was to be at the equator, and he couldn’t stop smiling for a good
20 mins – he feels like he is nearly home, and has two of the best eyes
onboard – I can imagine him in a few days straining at the horizon for any
hint of his home land. I know his family will welcome him back
enthusistically, but he’ll love being back , with a few good stories to tell
of time he crossed the equator, and rounded the horn etc.

It’s a bit too easy to think of the finish with still 1400nm to go – and
the rigourous routine of checking and maintaining everything must continue
for us to finish properly. From charging the batteries every 7 hours, to
keeping the crew fed and watered, to ensuring the deck gear, and running
rigging are going to make the distance, everything must be checked and
monitored. I think that psycologically we know we are near the end, we
are tired – mostly we sleep well, and dream a lot, and more often than on
the way south when our bodies were fueled from stores of sleep and energy
built up over previous months. As a friend emailed the other day – Man and
Machine will be getting tired – take care….. we are doing just that.

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Musandam
Subject: Good job! Weather 3/18/09
Date: 18/03/2009 10:56:24

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 02 23n/62 33e at 0730utc Wed, Mar 18

Prepared: 1030utc Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1) Youíve done a very nice job holding onto your easting ñ you have
basically moved straight N over

the past 24 hrs. Very good!

2) High pressure near 17-18N/63-64E will move SW reaching 15-16N/58-61E by
1200UTC Sat

a) the high slides a little E on Sun and Mon

3) Looks like a bit of header now, but winds will veer later this afternoon
and evening

a) another header coming Thu afternoon and evening, so good to hold onto
the easting until Fri/Sat

4) Could have some nice breeze for 12-18 hrs on Fri

5) Light winds Sat night/Sun as we sail N into the western fringes of the

6) Have you going to port Mon morning, when NW of the high pressure and you
have freshening S and

SW winds


1) No change from what you are doing

a) as fast as possible to the N and holding the easting

2) Will use the easting on Fri and Sat

3) May have to go W of 60E Sat/Sun, but when winds veer Sun daytime, will
hold starboard until the

wind freshens from the S and SW and then port as fast as possible to the
Oman shoreline

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Wed, Mar 18

12: 070-040/ 6-10

18: 050-070/ 8-12

Mainly fair skies and small seas thru the weekend

Thu, Mar 19

00: 060-080/ 9-13

06: 060-080/ 9-13

12: 050-070/ 8-12, nr 5 45n/61 45e

18: 060-040/ 9-13

Fri, Mar 20

00: 040-060/10-15

06: 050-070/12-16

12: 050-070/11-15, nr 8 20n/61e

18: 050-070/10-14

Sat, Mar 21

00: 050-070/ 8-12

06: 060-080/ 7-11

12: 060-080/ 7-11, nr 11n/60e ñ less wind just to the E

18: 060-090/ 7-11

Sun, Mar 22

00: 080-110/ 6-10, less wind to the E

06: 090-120/ 5-8

12: 100-130/ 5-9, near 13 55n/59 40e

18: 140-170/ 6-10

Mon, Mar 23

00: 170-210/ 4-7

12: 170-190/ 7-14, near 16 20N/59 10E and on port gybe heading for the Oman

Best regards, Ken Campbell

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: