Lat: 7 11.29′ S
Long: 70 06.44′ E
Inst Speed: 7.4
Wind Dir: 231
Wind Speed: 6.40
Distance last 24hr: 110.60
Distance to finish: 19683.73
Hoochie emails home
Doldrums rig – full main, and code zero, 9kts boat speed in 6kts wind
A little reminder of the ongoing work with the electronics

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri <omantri@
To: update <updateoman@
Subject: doldrums
Date: 15/01/2009 02:00:30

had a funny old day yesterday, we had a good run first thing where things
were looking too good to be true, followed by quite a few hard hours with
between 0 and 2 knots of wind. we wiggled eastwards in seach of new breeze
that we believed would come from that direction,and sure enough at around
7pm gmt things did start to change for us. since then we have been code 0
and ful main making good progres to the south east.

a normal doldrums crossing tecnique is to pass more or less N to S as this
is the shortest distace across the calms, however getting east makes sense
in this case as it sets us up better for Friday – Wednesday next week when
we’ll be heading properly south again, in what looks like some good breeze
from a good direction. So if we can just hang in there or another 24h of
light and variable winds then we’ll be through.

Life onboard rolls along, we were all pretty much agreed that last night’s
food was the best yet – Chicken Couscous, once again adding a range of
enhancements to taste. We also opened our dried beef portions last night
and it’s a welcome change to have a snack that has texture and savory taste,
i think that we;ll be cutting that up a bit an adding it to our food

Theirry took advantage of the slow sailing to kick start his 2009 fishing
season – with the worlds biggest lure,and hook – with a line able to bring
up a 40lb fish – that would be something!

everyone else goes about their daily chores, charging the batteries,
preparing food, getting email & weather updates.
Exciting news from land that Oman are in the final – not sure how we are
going to get teh game live on board but we’ll be waiting the news, goal by
goal! Good Luck Oman

Second email from the boat: 

From: OmanTri <omantri@
To: update <updateoman@
Subject: 1 week at sea
Date: 15/01/2009 03:39:53

From Mohsin ” it’s better than i had thought it was going to be, it has been
an easy introduction, i was worried that time would go slowly before we
left – but it’s going quite quickly”

From Hooch ” its what i thought it’d be, before we left we expected to be a
fair way south after 10 days and so far we are fairly on track for that. In
some ways the week has gone quickly, but equally we could have been out here
for ages – we are in the rythum now”

From Charles “i guess it’s better than i hoped, the week has gone faster
than i had imagined it would, I am sure some weeks will feel like long
eeks – but if the rest of them are like this one – we’ll be back in no
time! We have done close on 2000nm in the last 7 days – so i guess it’s
another 9 week and we could be back… who know – there is a lot of sailing
between now and then”

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather <info@
To: Musandam <omantri@
Subject: Weather update Thu 1-15
Date: 15/01/2009 16:18:40

Glad everything is going ok. The pattern is looking pretty
good for you to get south of the Indian Ocean high. Lets
hope it works out that way. We just routed Felipe Cubillos and Manuel
Gonzales in the Portimao Ocean Race across the Indian Ocean from Cape Town
to Wellington. They more or less stayed between 43-46s. However they did
end up a little closer (45s) to Tasmania and in a little bit of a wind
hole for a short time. Will have to be careful we do not do the same thing.
Also a word about Cook Strait. 6 utc Grib file from Wed had a northerly at
Wellington today at 10 kts – it has been 20-30 kts past 6-12 hrs. Winds
can be much stronger there.

Not much we can do with the ice situation as far as iceberg locations. Seem
to remember Ellen encountering some down around 50s
near and E of New Zealand.

Tom Mattus – CWC

From: Commanders’ Weather <info@
To: , Musandam <omantri@
Subject: weather Thu 1-15
Date: 15/01/2009 14:15:49

To: Charles Darbyshire and crew of “Musandam”

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 8 09s/ 71 04e at 1330utc Thu, Jan 15, 2009

Prepared: 1400utc Thu, Jan 15, 2009

SummaryÖExpect winds will back to SE-E next 24 hours and begin to build for
good after 6 utc Fri.

1) Looks like you had a nice southerly around 12 utc.

2) Satellite pictures show there are squalls around so winds likely shifty
with variable wind speeds

next 12-18 hours.

3) Your increasing breeze will first come from E to W so easting ok next 12
hours as winds in general


4) When it goes past 140 you can go onto port and head S ñ probably around
00 utc.

5) Should get into stronger easterlies around 6-12 utc Fri and then heading
fast as possible S.

6) We have you doing this around 73e but a little E or W of there is ok as
the E trade wind regime

expands nicely to the W.
7) Nice trade wind sailing Sat/Sun and into Mon with breeze up to 20 kts at

a) Direction mainly easterly but will oscillate ENE-ESE

8) Next concern will be not getting sucked into the big high to your S.

a) Routing software can sometimes take you into and thru the
high so need to be careful with


9) This high 12 utc Fri near 33s/70-80e moves to 34-35s/ 85-90e by early
next week.

10) There will be a ridge axis to the W with lighter winds to the W.

a) E Winds back to NE-N then NW as you cross this ridge

b) Speeds drop to 10 kts or less.

11) Would like to see you down south of 35s and into increasing
westerlies before
actively heading E

RoutingÖ Heading SE-E on starboard then as winds back past 140 can go onto
Port and head

S(probably around 00 utc Fri)

Then head S at best boat speed.

Need to be careful about getting sucked into high
pressure next week so do not want

you E of 75e by next Monday.

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Thurs, Jan 15 ñ winds backing slowly

18: 160-140/ 8-12

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness with scattered squally showers around

Seas 2-4 ft

Fri, Jan 16

00: 140-120/ 10-5- tack to port and heading S

06: 080-100/ 10-15

12: 070-090/ 12-17 nr 12s/73e

18: 070-090/ 12-17

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness with scattered squally showers

SeasÖincrease to 3-6 ft E swell

Sat, Jan 17

00: 080-100/ 12-17

06: 080-100/ 12-20

12: 090-110/ 12-20 nr 18s/ 74e

18: 070-090/ 12-17

WeatherÖPartly cloudy brief scattered trade wind shower possible

Seas 3-6 ft

Sun, Jan 18

00: 080-100/ 12-17

06: 080-100/ 15-20

12: 090-110/ 15-20 nr 24s/ 74e

18: 090-110/ 17-22

WeatherÖPartly cloudy , brief scattered trade wind shower possible

Seas 6-9 ft and confused with W wind waves and S swell developing

Mon, Jan 19

00: 100-120/ 15-20

06: 090-110/ 12-17

12: 070-090/ 10-15 nr 30s/ 74e

18: 060-080/ 8-12

WeatherÖPartly cloudy

SeasÖ5-7 ft E swell

Tue, Jan 20 ñneed to be careful about getting sucked E into high

00: 360-020/ 6-10

12: 320-340/ 9-13 nr 34s/ 76e ñ on starboard and may still need to head S

WeatherÖPartly cloudy

SeaÖ 4-6 ft

Best regards,

Tom Mattus

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: