Lat: 23 13.89′ N
Long: 59 20.33′ E
Inst Speed: 11.9
Wind Dir: 349
Wind Speed: 12.0
Distance last 24hr: N/A
Distance to finish: 21619.36
A couple of hours after the start, we gather for a ‘selfie’
Waving good bye
Hooch helps hoist the mainsail, as we prepare to start, little lost in thought here

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri <omantri@
To: update <updateoman@
Subject: the watch system has begun
Date: 08/01/2009 14:28:31

as I sit down to write this it’s just going dark it’s around 4 hours since
we started and it’s hard to imagine better conditions to start. Down wind
in sunshine and 10-12 kts of wind… perfect.
It was an emotional send off, with us all choking on a few words at some
point, for me – I was up and down one min totally fine, the next hardly able
to speak! Why is saying good bye so difficult. There were so many people
to say good bye to and everyone was very egar to wish us good luck,
sometimes it was difficult to reply, i had some emails and text messages
from friends and family before we left, and just seeing their name come up
was enough to bring a lump to my throat……I hardly managed to eat
anything all day… going to have to make up for that over the next few
days – I did mange an apple before the photo rib went in, but that was as
much as I wanted, one final wave and we were on our own – quite quickly it
seemed. There wasn’t much chat on the boat after that – probably an hour
without almost a single word everyone lost in their own thoughts I did a
little piece to camera with everyone, and again there were lumps in the
throat. I just hope what we experience these next weeks will make up for
the toughness of the good byes. by tomorrow the mood will have picked up a
bit and we’ll open our first food bag and start getting into a good rythum,
but for now, i’ll leave you with all our thanks for helping us get to this
point, the boys who worked so hard on the boat, OmanSail for putting a nice
project together, and to all our friends and families who let us set off
over the horizon.


Second email from the boat: 

Date: 08/01/09
Time: 14:40:00
Posn: 2313.1148N 05922.4482E
Ave Boatspeed last 5 mins:13.94 , target this windspeed/angle – 8.37
Ave TWD last 5 mins: 349
Ave TWA last 5 mins: -121
Ave TWS last 5 mins: 11.3
Ave SOG last 5 mins:13.78
Ave COG last 5 mins: 109
Ave Pressure last 5 mins: 18.3
Sea Temp: 24.0
Air Temp Fwd cabin: 25.0

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather <info@
To: Musandam <omantri@
Subject: weather Thu 8 utc 1-8
Date: 08/01/2009 07:59:03

To: Charles Darbyshire and crew of “Musandam”

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Place: Muscat, Oman

Departure: 1000utc Thu, Jan 8, 2009

Prepared: 0800utc Thu, Jan 8, 2009

SummaryÖFirst 24 hours still look light then increasing NE trade winds as
you get S of 21n

1) No real changes in the GFS model guidance from a few days ago in the
short term.

2) Will be dealing with thermals and local affects first 24 hours or so.

3) Last observations from the airport showed light and variable conditions
at mid morning

but with sunshine expect the thermal breeze from the N- NE to develop

4) Would expect the thermal breeze to get to 6-10 kts this afternoon and
could be strongest

5+ offshore.

a) Concerned if there are headlands then the
onshore breeze near shore gets lifted

vertically leaving light and variable in the
afternoon close to the beaches.

6) In general would expect the onshore NE to clock to E then SE as it dies
with wind speeds< 8 kts


7) Could be another light and variable period late night before becoming
light N-NE toward and after

sunrise Fri .

8) Continue to get SSE as best you can away from the coast and into
increasing NE trade winds

approaching and south of 21n

9) This breeze does not look quite as strong as it did a few days ago but
still should get to 15-20+ kts

over the weekend.

10) Trade wind breeze will diminish south of 10n early next week but this
process will be gradual.

11) Latest on the possible tropical low is that it may develop near 15s/65e
today or Friday.

a) Latest satellite pictures show considerable squall
activity develop in area from 10-18s

and 65-75e with some curved banding.

12) Expect the low to settle southward to near 20s/65e by Saturday ñ become
stationary for a few days

then continue southward to near 25s/65e by next Mon Jan 12.

13) The change from yesterday in the GFS is that this model now accelerates
this low SE to 35s/75e by

next Wed which gets it out of the picture completely.

a) If correct it will leave a light wind regime
behind it south of the Equator which would

not be good for you.

14) Lets hope the European is right having the low further north.

15) Anyway this is a long way off.

16) In the mean time do the best you can with the light winds starting out
and get S to the increasing

NE trades.

17) Please let us know how often you want updates.

RoutingÖWant to utilize the onshore thermal breeze as best we can Thursday

May have to get 5+ miles for best thermal as winds closer
in could be light and flukey if

there are headlands.

Probably need to get 10 + miles offshore in the evening to
stay away from possible flukey

winds closer to shore after sunset.

Then once E of Ral’s al Hadd by 10-15 miles get S as fast as
possible to 21n where you

should see increasing NE trades.

Sail best boat speed SSE crossing equator nr 65e

Long term goal is to get south of the high pressure zone
and into the westerlies usually

between 40-45s

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Thurs, Jan 8

0200: 190-230/ 4-8 ñ light offshore land breeze

0600: lt/variable – Wind holes develop just before sea breeze

1000: 020-050/ 6-9 departure – sea breeze ñ could be wind holes < 5
miles from shore.

1400: 050-080/ 9-6 ñ sea breeze diminishes and shifts right.

1800: 090-120/ 4-7 ñ getting S slowly


Seas < 2 ft

Fri, Jan 9

00: 140-090/ 3-6 – off Ra’s al Hadd 10+ miles and aiming SSE

wind could be light and variable but should fill in late am

06: bcmg 360-030/ 4-8

12: 020-040/ 5-10 nr 21 20n/60 40e ñ winds increasing

18: 050-070/ 8-12


Seas increase to 1-3 ft

Sat, Jan 10

00: 040-060/10-14

06: 050-070/11-15

12: 050-070/12-16 nr 17n/62 e

18: 050-070/13-17


Seas 2-4 ft

Sun, Jan 11

00: 050-070/14-18

06: 050-070/15-20

12: 050-070/15-22 nr 12n/63 e

18: 050-070/15-22


Seas 3-6 ft

Mon, Jan 12

00: 050-070/ 15-20 ñ winds diminish

06: 060-080/ 12-17

12: 080-100/ 10-15 nr 7 30n/ 64e

18: 080-100/ 12-17

WeatherÖFair to partly cloudy

Seas 3-5 ft ñ NE swell

Tue, Jan 13

00: 080-100/ 12-17

12: 080-100/ 10-15 nr 3n/ 64e

Weather.. Partly cloudy

Seas 3-5 ft NE swell

Wed, Jan 14

00: 050-070/ 5-10

12: 040-060/ 4-8 nr 1s/64 30e

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness

SeasÖ3-5 ft NE swell

Thu, Jan 15

00: 020-040/ 4-8

12: 010-030/ 5-10 nr 03 30s/65 30e

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness risk scattered shower/squall

SeasÖ3-5 ft NE swell

Best regards,

Tom Mattus

A selection of pictures from today: