Lat: 41 00.25′ S
Long: 118 09.77′ E
Inst Speed: 13.8
Wind Dir: 279
Wind Speed: 16.2
Distance last 24hr: 353.1
Distance to finish: 16191.6
new to wildlife photography…
zoom in – no mistaking it as a bird of the south

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: massive change in 24 hours
Date: 27/01/2009 03:14:46

24 hours ago we were sailing along with full mainsail and gennaker, waiting
for the front to arrive. eventually the wind started to shift, and when it
was time we gybed and essentially headed directly to the front – in about 15
mins we had furled the gennaker and put two reefs in the mainsail, and ended
up via the solent sail to the staysail. it was gusting up to 30 kts, and we
were fairly tight reaching. the tempreture drop was dramatic, and quickly
from sailing downwind in the sun in light thermals and short sleeves we were
full wet weather gear and extra layers underneath. after around 45 mins we
were through the front – the skies cleared and the wind settled a little…
it was chilly though as everyone said it would be after the front passed,
the wind was up and down and so we were reef in reef out reef in for a
while, before eventually settling for much of the night with 2 reefs and
solent – a combination that is a good compromise between ease of handling
and power to get us going south quicky.

Right now it’s 18 degrees at the chart table and it’s nice to feel a bit of
a nip in the air on deck. As darkness came so did a wide display of warm
gear. Hoochie and I have long been a fan of SealSkinz waterproof/breathable
socks and have expanded our range from them for this trip to inclued a
waterproof beenie hat, and gloves. The gloves have not been needed yet –
but we both gave our beenies a run out and both love them.. warm and dry –
totally perfect when you get a wave over the head – which does happen on
occassion. With the cooler temps also came the sleeping bags – having not
been required for the first 1/4 ( 18days) of this trip all of us decided
tonight was the night. Hoochie Mohsin and I have new bags and it was a real
treat to climb in – a little warm for this tempreture but we all slept safe
in the knowledge that when the time comes and the tempretures fall to single
figures we’ll be warm in our sleep

We have got the new rudder out of the back of the boat ready to take our
chance to change it – we have made our weight pack to sink the rudder( it
normally floats) out of spanners and other heavy tools, and are keeping our
eye out for the right moment – we can’t decide if today is good – or wait
till later in the day, or even to wait till thursday when we have some
lighter winds forecast – we’ll let you know when we decide of course.

For now we are on the right track sailing at 18kts in 14kts of wind… the
sea has reduced a bit so is not so bumpy down below – Poor Hooch last night
was on a call to his old primary school – Year 6 Tadley Primery School,
whilst being bumped and thrown around by the sea conditions – all the while
with waves one the deck just over his head. The telephone call went well –
it’s great to share a bit of our adventure like that.

We crossed the 1/4 way point and our first cape last night Cape Leeuwin, it
could have been a time to have a bit of a celebration, but it was dark,
rough, chilly, and 2/5 of us were asleep…. I think the 1/2 way point will
be a bigger moment for us… being ONLY a 1/4 of the way makes it feel like
a long way to go still…. where as 1/2 way we will be heading back to
Muscat, not away from it……

The next few days should be nice sailing again towards tazmania and then
heading NE up to the Cook Straight of New Zealand where we can expect to see
a bit more wildlife and seeing signs of human life once again – fishing
boats perhaps, container ships, airplanes & vapor trails overhead, then
sighting land again since leaving the rugged coastline of Muscat that first
night. – an interesting week ahead.

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Musandam
Subject: weather Tue 1-27
Date: 27/01/2009 15:05:03

To: Charles Darbyshire and crew of “Musandam”

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: 42 20s/119 49e at 13utc Tue, Jan 27

Prepared: 1430utc Tue, Jan 27, 2009

SummaryÖHave routed you in the best wind we can find in this forecast. Not
sure of your repair

situation. There will be lighter winds to your E next
few days but not sure you can get to

10 kts or less wind before it fills in late week.

1) Low pressure near 51S/ 112E heading SE next few days.

2) Associated front will swing eastward and weaken as it approaches you from
the W.

3) You will remain in NW breeze thru 00 utc Thu but speeds will begin to
diminish ahead of this

weakening front

4) Winds will be stronger to the W and lighter to the E so head more
eastward if you want lighter winds

for repairs.

5) But based on 00 utc GFS you may not be able to get to < 10 kts of wind
before it fills in after 00 utc

Thu as the remains of the front get closer.

6) Winds will back to W Thu as the remains of the front/trough move thru.

a) Speeds may remain in the 15 kt range.

7) Then a new low near 50s/110e 12 UTC Thu heads SE and will bring
increasing NW winds after 00

utc Fri.

8) Weakening front with this low moves thru 00-12 utc Sat shifting winds
into the W-SW.

9) High pressure following this system moves into the lower Tasman Sea late
in the weekend

and will be very close to you by 12 utc Sunday.

10) So optimistic about more breeze over the next several days if you want
to keep sailing, but

opportunity for light and variable winds needed for possible repairs
has diminished.

11) Best chance for that will be Sunday as high moves overhead or if you
divert NE toward Tasmania


RoutingÖRouting below tries to avoid light air to the E and keep you in the
best wind possible

If you need lighter air for repairs then head more E next
24-36 hours but may still not be

able to get to lightest air< 10 kts as the light air
patch shifts eastward just ahead of you.

You will have another relative low spot in winds 18 utc
Thu to 00 utc Fri but probably not to

10 kts or less.

You could point more NE on Friday/Saturday to get to
lighter air if necessary

Probably a better chance of light and variable winds
later Sunday as high pressure

moves overhead.

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Tue, Jan 27 ñ winds lighter to the N and E, stronger to the S and W

18: 310-330/17-22

WeatherÖConsiderable cloudiness with a scattered shower 2 possible

Seas ÖSW swell 8-110 ft

Wed, Jan 28 ñ winds stronger W and lighter E

00: 310-330/15-20

06: 310-330/12-17

12: 320-340/12-17 nr 43 30s/126 30e

18: 300-270/12-17

WeatherÖCloudy to partly cloudy with a scattered shower possible

SeasÖSW swell subsides to 6-9 ft

Thu, Jan 29 ñ winds stronger W and lighter E

00: 310-330/12-17

06: 280-300/12-17

12: 260-280/12-17 nr 45s/133 e

18: 260-280/10-15

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness , scattered shower possible

SeasÖ6-9 ft SW swell

Fri, Jan 30 ñ Winds lighter N and stronger S

00: 290-310/10-15

06: 300-320/15-22

12: 310-330/18-25, nr 46 30s/140e

18: 290-310/17-22

WeatherÖPartly cloudy to cloudy

SeasÖ 5-8 ft SW swell

Sat, Jan 31

00: 270-290/ 15-20

06: 260-280/ 15-20

12: 250-270/ 15-20 nr 46 30s/148 30e

18: 220-240/ 15-20

WeatherÖConsiderable cloudiness with scattered squally showers

Seas 5-8 ft SW swell

Sun, Feb 1

00: 180-200/ 10-15

12: variable 4-8 – High passing overhead nr 45 30s/ 154 30e

WeatherÖPartly cloudy

Best regards, Tom Mattus

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: