Lat: 40 18.28′ S
Long: 172 45.11′ E
Inst Speed: 10.9
Wind Dir: 243
Wind Speed: 15.1
Distance last 24hr: 179.42
Distance to finish: 13679.99
NZL fish ‘a fush’
Mohsin has done this before
Fresh fish after nearly a month was very welcome

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: too much for one day
Date: 03/02/2009 02:16:47

Too much has happened for one day

Theirry got a fish ( and landed it)
We’ve seen a cruising yacht ( first sign of life for ages)
We’ve seen a fishing boat
We’ve got through a very light patch to get into much more favourable wind
We’ve seen New Zealand
We’ve got mobile phone coverage
We’ve had theirry up the mast to take some pictures and check everything
We’ve dropped the mainsail to change the headboard car slide rods again
before the Pacific
we seem to have lucked out getting tail winds for the tricky bit passing
through the cook strait.
we’ll be doing some photos with Helicopter later ( before sunset)

Not sure how much the above needs further explaination, but to start with
Thierry’s fish – I got woken by Loik saying there’s a fish, there’s a fish
on the line. So we dashed on deck to find the boat speed down to a good
trawling speed, ( due to wind strength rather than by desire to catch a
fish! ) and theirry at the back post under the wind generator in his
thermals winding the fishing reel like a time served big game fisherman.
Mean while the gloves were dug out and Mohsin hung around ready with the
biggest knife onboard. Fish landed on to aft deck and knife to the gills
to bleed it out – We think it was a bonito ( need to check spelling ) a
small tuna type fish. Thierry and Mohsin got sorted to gut and fillet the
fish – whilst loik warmed up the frying pan. So our lunch today was fish
steaks, and sashimi ( shame no rice or wasabi), two types of sashimi –
plain, or heavily ‘lemoned’. From the sea to the pan in around 90 mins –
it’s hard to get much fresher than that!

Before the fish was landed and just as the sky was ligheting in the hour
before dawn we saw a light ahead and we passed close by perhaps 200m of a
cruising yacht heading south….we hailed him on VHF – but nothing heard –
each of us heading our own way without a word

Then we saw a couple of fishing boats – this was evidence enough that there
was fish to be fished for – and as the wind was so light ( 4 kts ) he was
quick to release the lure and start the hunt for our first fish.

After eating our lunch of fresh fish, and before getting Theirry up the
mast, we managed to see New Zealand’s south island and it steadily became
clearer – showing off her fine mountainous coast – the plan now is to sail
into Tasman Bay – get headed by some northerly winds and head south to
Wellington and out. – If this happens then we’ll be paying for it else where
I’m sure…

Getting mobile phone coverage before bed time European time was good – we
were able to make a few phone calls! and get a few text messages – land fall
makes you want to tell everyone that you made it to this great place, and
there’s no better way of spreading the word than an iPhone and Facebook –
just ask Hooch.

After all of this we got the mainsail down and changed the headboard car
slide rods again – they were not showing too much signs of wear – but we
have a good stock of them to thought it best to get a change before the
long leg to Cape Horn and beyond where it’ll be a while before it’s as easy
as today to change them.

Had a good chat to the camera man for the Heli – and they will come and
find us about an hour before sunset – so expect some good pictures – if the
wind holds we’ll be out of range by dawn tomorrow, and certainly away from
any dramatic scenery. So we should get some nice evening / sunset colours
and hopefull some nice land pics as we race past Cape Stephens and onwards
towards the actual cook strait – a 12nm wide stretch of water between north
and South Island.

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Musandam
Subject: weather forecast 2-4
Date: 03/02/2009 13:15:45

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: Cook Straits Wed AM local time Feb 4th 2009

Prepared: 1300utc Tue Feb 3, 2009

SummaryÖCharles, see no sense to get north along the coast, as you will need
to get south as much as you can. So you may want to leave Cape Pallister
ASAP to take advantage of any W-NW wind to get south. Overall, it looks to
be a tough/slow situation over the next couple days as high pressure shifts
E and provides lighter winds. In the short term (today), will need to get
south, but then E (tonight/Thu) so that you can stay in breeze, and then
long term (weekend), will need to be down near 45S for best conditions

1) For early this Wed AM, there is a weak cold front just to the S and SW
into northern S Island, which is shifting to the E and NE

2) Right now, there is a N-NW gradient ahead of this front into the Straits

a) Wellington reporting winds 350 at about 21 kts, which

b) wind is likely into the 20s to possible 30 kts in the straits

3) As cold front shifts to the E and NE, wind diminishes and eventually
shifts into the SW during this afternoon.

a) likely frontal passage with wind shift by noontime

4) Will be a lighter SW wind behind this front into this evening, but high
pressure shifts E to S Island,

5) there will be an increasing S to S-SE breeze ahead or E of this high into

a) will have to head E with the S-SE to S breeze, which comes up to near
20 kts

6) This high shifts E along 42-43S over the next couple days to just N of
Chathan Island by 00 utc Fri

7) The quicker you get E, the more likely you stay with a stronger S-SE to S
wind thru Thu

a) wind speeds may hold near 10 kts,

b) but wind diminishes and becomes lighter and more variable as this high
catches up with you later Thu into Fri

c) best to head E thru Thu, then some S on Fri, to get into the developing
NW wind

8) The next cold front heads E, which will allow for a NW wind to develop by
12 utc Fri

9) And ahead of this approaching front, there will be a very favorable NW
wind for much of Sat into much of Sun as well

a) best to head E close to 45S with this breeze

10) cold front does weaken as it moves more E, which will allow for lighter
conditions late Sun into Mon.


1) With the W-NW wind, best to get south as much as you can, but

2) Once into the SW wind, you will have to head E and do the best you can to
get E with the S to S-SE wind during Thu.

a) the quicker you get E, the better chance you will stay with some wind,

b) lighter winds will be approaching from behind, as the next high moves E

3) There maybe a period of light conditions on Fri, but will get into a NW
wind at night

a) would take this NW wind more S for a time to get into best breeze for
the weekend,

4) Once down to 45S, then can head E with the NW wind

5) Estimated positions below.

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Tues, Feb 3 ñ near Cape Pallister

18: 290-310/ 12-17, more wind to the S into the straits, while less to the N
along coast

WeatherÖpartly cloudy to fair

Seas 2-4 ft

Wed, Feb 4

00: bcmg 200-230/7-12

06: 190-220/ 5-10

12: bcmg 150-170/15-22 nr 42 30s/ 178 30e

18: 150-170/ 16-23

WeatherÖpartly to possible variable cloudy

Seas 6-9 ft, SW swell

Thu, Feb 5 ñ wind lighter to the S and W closer to high pressure

00: 160-190/ 12-17

06: 160-180/ 10-15

12: 160-190/ 8-14 nr 42 30s/ 176w

18: 170-200/ 6-11

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness

Seas building to near 10 ft, S-SW swell ñ higher to the S and SE

Fri, Feb 6 ñ try getting S so that you can get into the better NW wind
developing at night

00: 190-230/ 5-10

06: 210-240/ <7 ñ wind may be light and variable

12: bcmg 300-330/ 8-13 nr 43 30s/172 30w

18: 290-320/ 12-20

WeatherÖpartly cloudy

Seas near 10 ft, then subsiding to 6-8 ft ñ mainly SW swell

Sat, Feb 7 ñ great NW wind ahead of cold front

00: 300-320/ 17-25 ñ heading E ñ near 45s/162w

12: 300-320/ 25-35 nr 45s/162w

WeatherÖVariable to mostly cloudy, risk for isolated showers/squalls, more
activity behind you closer to front, while less ahead to the E

Seas near 10 ft, rough chop with SW swell

Sun, Feb 8 ñ wind diminishes ahead of weakening cold front

00: 300-320/20-30

12: 320-340/10-15 near 44 30n/154w

WeatherÖvariable cloudy to cloudy, some showers/squalls possible

Seas 10-14 ft, less chop, but larger SW swell

Best regards, Chris Wasserback

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: