Lat: 45 21.29′ S
Long: 147 18.87′ W
Inst Speed: 18.5
Wind Dir: 299
Wind Speed: 26.5000
Distance last 24hr: 387.634619517097386
Distance to finish: 11956.23
Mohsin and Loik on watch
Theirry gliding along the great south super highway

Email from the boat to shore: 

From: OmanTri
To: update
Subject: Sunday update
Date: 08/02/2009 02:20:24

We won the rugby….. so all is well ( for 2/5ths of the crew) the other
(2/5ths say it’s early days etc.etc…all the usual excuses)

Anyway – a harsh reminder with the saturday rugby and football scores
that we are on the weekend, and away for the weekend – and no possiblility
of a lay in, a breakfast out, or an hour with the papers….Rather we are
banging and crashing along at between 18 and 30 kts of boatspeed to the
east. Down below in the forward cabin once again the escape hatches have
been underwater – the one on the leeward side getting most solid water
climbing the hull, and the one on the windward side taking some dramatic
collisions with waves…. impressive to sit and watch for a while, but when
your asleep next to it, it’s quite unnerving. Every now and again anything
not properly stored takes flight across the cabin, and lands with a crash.

It’s been a busy 24hours onboard. During darkness last night we had a good
moon providing lots of light, and a good sea way, so we dropped the mainsail
to check some wear that Loik had spotted on the mast track. We dropped the
sail and removed all the batten cars, to see what could be the problem, and
sure enough one of the cars had a part missing – which meant it tended to
be slightly missaligned on the track causing wear. We have two spare cars
onboard so we were able to replace it, and hoist the mainsail agian. It
took all 5 of us just over an hour to complete which we did at the watch
change over – so as not to take too much out of anyones sleep – night time
being the best time to get rested.

Had we waited until daylight the sea conditions could have become less
favourable, and we can work quite well at night with some deck lights we
have on the mast and our head tourches. It proved correct as once dawn
broke, the sea was more rough , with wind driven waves at a different
angle to the swell.

It was also time to change thermals, great to climb into some clean base
layers for the first time in a couple of weeks, however rather typically i
went on deck shortly afterwards to help with the mainsail down operation,
and when we rehoisted I was grinding without my jacket on, and we took a
wave badly and landed one right across the top…..luckily the top i was
wearing took the brunt of the wave, and the brand new base layer beneath
stayed dry.

We have also just got coverage back for our faster internet connection,
technically we had been on the edge of it a couple of days ago, but now the
signal strength bar is fairly solid and normal service has been resumed –
this is a relief as not only is the unit quite a bit faster than the fleet
77 that we have been using, it’s also significantly less power needy – this
means you use it for 1/4 the time, and whilst it’s on it uses 1/2 the
power – so our charging routine should now get back on track.

We also opened our 3rd ‘week’ bag – this is more like a 10 day bag really
( we have 8 of them) and it means we are ahead of our planning for this bags
contents, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, stove gas etc… but this one had
some extras – with some packets of skittles, and oman Beanie hats. A welcome
addition to our on deck fashion show. Loik relieved to see a new bottle of
Ketchup too. It’s good that we have made the bags stretch out as it means
we can be a bit less concerned about the speed at wich we are using stuff
up, and need not deprive our selves too much of anything.

On deck the fashion has changed quickly again – today’s colors are reds once
again, not yellow suits – so trend setters get back to Red at least for a
day or two, it’s so hard to keep up with the latest trends.

There is a big weather debate raging – with a small but powerful low
pressure showing well on one model to our North and heading in our direction
quickly, and in the other computer forecast we use it’s not so well shown,
so planning for it is not so easy. We have decided to work on the principle
that it’s there and it’s going to cross ahead of our path and if it does
we’ll see some strong winds for 12 – 18 hours on monday, but that’s a lot
better than being ahead of it where winds will be very strong and sea
conditons very rough. If we believe we are going too quickly and there is a
risk of our getting ahead of it’s path, we will slow down to ensure it
passes ahead of us. After that the weather looks more predictable – with
good winds taking us well to the east until it’s time to head SE for our
approach to Cape Horn

Weather Router’s advice: 

From: Commanders’ Weather
To: Musandam
Subject: weather 1430 utc Sun 2-8
Date: 08/02/2009 14:32:22

To: Charles Darbyshire and the crew of

From: Commanders Weather Corp

Event: sail around the world

Last Position: near 45 42s/142 39w at 1230 utc Sun Feb 8, 2009

Prepared: 1400utc Sun Feb 8, 2009

SummaryÖWill be hard to avoid rough conditions midweek.

1) Frontal system approaching from the W will continue to clock your winds
to more northerly direction

next 12-18 hours.

2) This front will run out of gas as it gets close to you Monday.

3) But will tend to prevent much wind from developing on the western side of
the low which is tracking

SE from 31s/149w at 12 utc Sun to 45s/131w by 12 utc Mon.

4) As your wind diminishes and you get closer to the low expect it will
clock into the N-NE by 6 utc


5) Then could continue to clock thru the E-SE-S to get to SW-W by 18 utc

a) Wind speeds during this clocking sequence should be on the
light side W of the track of the


b) Winds speeds will increase again from the W toward and
after 18 utc Mon as the low pulls

away toward the SE and strengthens.

6) With your position a little further E Monday than we had you yesterday
you will have a short period of

adverse winds around 12 utc Mon but should be safely away from much
higher winds and seas east

of the track of the low.

7) Then expect your roughest wind and sea of the trip to develop midweek as
low than dives SE to nr

59s/100w by 12 utc Wed.

a) New low tracks in from the W to near 56s/131w

8) The result is a strong band of W-WNW winds to 35-45+ kts between 45-50s
later Tue and Tue


9) No way to avoid these winds and their increasing sea state(to 15-20+ft by
Wed unless you run way

up north of 45n at that time

a) Even there you may not be able to escape the 20+ ft
seas later in the week.

b) And you will be going away from Cape Horn

10) But it looks like the peak winds 35-50kts will not last too long likely
subsiding gradually late Tue into

Wed as a trough moves thru.

a) Winds continue to subside a bit Thursday as the lows
to your S weaken second half of

the week.

11) Sea state though may remain high thru the end of the week but will be
less to the S by Friday.

12) By the weekend there will be another low dive SE toward you and will
have to assess that as we get


RoutingÖ Will keep you near or north of 47s/150w to 49s/110w ice gate to
avoid possible ice further


In the short term do not want you much further E than
133w at 12 utc Mon to avoid

Getting on the wrong side of the low diving SE. If you
need to slow the boat then do so.,

Can resume more optimum speed after low passes but may
have to do some gybing to S

when winds are more westerly later in the week.

Estimated positions listed below

Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Sun, Feb 8 ñ NW wind ahead of cold front

18: 330-350/22-30

WeatherÖMostly cloudy with risk scattered squally shower

Seas 8-12 ft, SW swell

Mon, Feb 9 – getting close to low to E ñ winds become more uncertain but
likely lighter

00: 340-360/18-25

06: 360-020/17-22

12: bcmg 140-090/5-10 nr 46 s/133w

winds uncertain with low just to your E

18: bcmg 220-260/12-20 – Winds become more westerly as low pulls away

WeatherÖConsiderable cloudiness, squally showers possible

Seas 6-10 ft, SW swell

Tue, Feb 10 – increasing wind as low departs

00: 260-280/18-25

06: 300-320/22-30

12: 290-310/25-35 nr 46 30s/123 30w

18: 290-310/35-50

WeatherÖConsiderable cloudiness, squally showers possible

Seas building back to 12-16 ft W swell

Wed Feb 11 on starboard

00: 270-290/ 30-40

06: 270-290/ 25-35

12: 260-280/ 25-35 nr 48s/ 115w

18: 270-290/ 25-35

WeatherÖConsiderable cloudiness

Seas 15-20 ft W swell

Thu, Feb 12 ñ back onto port and heading E

00: 280-300/ 25-32

06: 290-310/ 25-32

12: 280-300/ 25-32 nr 49s/108w

18: 270-290/ 22-30 ñ on starboard for some southing

WeatherÖVariable cloudiness

Seas 15-20 ft W swell

Fri, Feb 13

00: 270-290/ 22-30

12: 300-310/12-17 nr 51s/ 99 30w – heading more E on port

WeatherÖPartly cloudy to cloudy

SeasÖ15-20 ftñ less further S

Best regards, Tom Mattus

Commanders Weather Corp.
Tel: 603-882-6789

A selection of pictures from today: